IVR directions
  • Call the IVR demo number: 800-281-8479
  • Listen to the prompts and respond by inputting information with the keypad.
  • After typing your answer, press the # key to enter it.
  • You may go back a question by pressing the * key.
SNAP directions
  • Open SNAP by using the tab at the top or clicking here.
  • Press the "Call" button.
  • You may choose visible options with the mouse.
  • Input answers with the numpad and by pressing enter or clicking the OK button.
Farm information
  • Farm numbers are any number between 1000 and 3999 (ex. 1013, 2002, 3580)
  • Farm/feed types:
    • Farms 1000-1999: Sow-wean/Non-tandem feed
    • Farms 2000-2999: Finisher/Tandem feed
    • Farms 3000-3999: Nursery/Non-tandem feed
  • Farm information such as house numbers, bin numbers, etc. will be randomly generated for your call.